Ellie Goulding - Explosions (Acoustic)
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Explosions (Acoustic) - Ellie Goulding

Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours (Acoustic)
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I Wanna Be Yours (Acoustic) - Arctic Monkeys

Tegan: In a picture of herself, [Sara] said she looked like a dinosaur who needed braces.
Sara: Laugh at my insecurities. I didn’t want to bring it up, but Tegan has ptosis in her left eye and she looks like she has lyme disease.
Tegan: I don’t know, that’s tragic. That’s my eyes’ tragic, which is kind of hot, but you being a dinosaur that needs braces is just really weird.
Sara: Actually I’ve come to terms with my quirky teeth. I asked my mom specifically today. We went for coffee and I said ‘Why didn’t you get me braces?’ …and she said nothing. What did you say actually, mom? I forgot what you said.
Mom: I said we were too poor.
Sara: We were too poor. Not true. Not too poor to have 7-Eleven every weekend. We could’ve cut down on Tegan’s slurpees and we could’ve gotten Sara braces. ... I’m kidding.
Tegan: Yeah but it's not fair we're twins you can't give one something you can't give the other and I was born with perfect teeth.
Sara: But Tegan was sitting on my head in the womb...
Tegan: You know what?! You were sitting on me, I’ve got a fucked up ear! My ear is all twisted. Play the song dinosaur.


Dear lungs,

if you could just take in air properly,

that would make this thing a whole lot easier,

for both of us. 

Come on guys, you have one job. 


the waiter at olive garden has been grating my cheese for 6 hours now waiting for me to say when. customers are screaming. three people have died. I will not yield.




Look at this house we found by the river today

That’s a murder scene not a house

Look at this murder scene we found inside a house today